Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Festivities – Entry 1 of 2

Well, this Halloween was much different than the past…

1. We have a beautiful baby

2. We didn’t dress up…though Kapri did!

3. We went Trick-or-Treating…can’t remember the last time I did that

4. Now have a child to bring to the annual Websense Halloween ice cream social

5. Carved Pumpkins…James & I have never once done this together (after ELEVEN years)…we’ve always lived in apartment complexes where people never came T.O.T.’ing…

6. Bought candy to hand out…only to find that our place is slightly tucked away in the darkness, so we had ONE T.O.T.’er…mental note to self for next year: “Put a huge sign out in the culdesac with a arrow pointing towards our front door so kids know to come get this damn candy!” Because now I have a huge bowl of it, that I cannot seem to resist!

Last Thursday we carved our pumpkins. James took the easy road & called dibs on the small/white pumpkin. He just drew a simple ‘pumpkin’ face…but I made sure he added 2 bottom teeth, so that it resembled a ‘baby’ pumpkin as it was Kapri’s! I however, decided it’d be SOOOOO fun to do a stencil and have a really cool looking pumpkin (never even as a child did I do this).

As we got into the “guts” of the pumpkin, we separated the seeds (yum) from all the other goo. I taped on my SWEET looking bat stencil and traced away. TWO hours later…I finally finished (halfway through to realize that I SO wish I had just done a simple cut out, haha)…but the end result wasn’t too bad actually. Next year I plan on buying better carving tools (as ours bent & broke) and think it’d be fun to have a ‘pumpkin carving party’…with a few people and a few bottles of wine, yay!

Then at work on Friday, James brought Kapri into my work. Every year the employees get to bring in their kids all decked out in their fun costumes...and this year was a first for us since we got to bring our little ladybug in!


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