Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Festivities – Entry 2 of 2

We did at least get to have an evening out the night without the kiddos before Halloween at a “Masquerade/Bday Party” at Ashley’s house, which was so fun! Although the girls’ masks made us look somewhat cross-eyed and made it hard to pour drinks or walk around without bumping into someone…so we kept them on our foreheads most of the night!

Then on Halloween, we headed over to Mary’s house to meet up with the fam….and man was it a full house. I caught myself at one moment just looking around at all the kids, thinking “when did this happen??” So many kids…it seems like just yesterday we were all gathered in this house, drinking wine & playing a hilarious game of Catch Phrase – with no responsibility of children. Now we’re PARENTS…crazy. But it’s so great that they’ll be able to grow up together and be around the same age.

After a lengthy photo-shoot of the ADORABLY costumed kids, we headed out to Trick-or-Treat. Kapri fell asleep in the stroller, but did that stop me from holding up her Pumpkin Pail for more treats?? Um….NO! And yes, it’s all for me…I made the effort of dressing her up, I’m pushing her down the street…so I deserve it! And technically (my smart brother in law made a good point)…Kapri does get a little of the candy…when she nurses, hahahaha!


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