Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Ho Ho Ho! *<:-o

Kapri’s 1st Christmas was so fun...for us at least! I knew she wouldn’t really want anything to do with the new toys & clothes…but the wrapping paper was definitely her fav! I should’ve known…why oh why didn’t I just buy her a roll of her very own wrapping paper instead?! And hopefully next year she’ll have more fun ripping opening her gifts & *maybe* be excited for new toys!
On Xmas Eve we joined James’ family for some yummy tamales at his grandparents’ house. Each year we all bring a gift for the White Elephant gift exchange…and the kids all get their own gifts as well. In addition to that, I decided on a budget-friendly way to give to all with a yummy salty-sweet treat. I found the idea about a month ago & ran with it…this is what I like to call...

Calista’s Crazy-Messy-Tasty-Sprinkly-FingerLickin Good-Pretzel Sweatshop
(and the 1st pic doesn’t even show ½ of many I actually made!):

It was just a *smidge* more time-consuming that I had originally anticipated…but it all worked out & I was able to make up enough yummy ‘candied-pretzels’ for about 26 people (about 2-4 each)…with some extra for James & I of course! They were a hit & I think I will officially be the pretzel lady each Christmas!

Then on Xmas day we had a delicious brunch at my mom’s, opened gifts…then went over to Jen’s for Xmas dinner…and more gifts. I have lots of video…but still have to upload it! All in all, it was wonderful time spent with our loving's what matters the most!


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