Monday, April 19, 2010

Sneaky sneaky (wifey) - Part 2

Man I am full of surprises this week - it's fun, but exhausting!

James' 29th was yesterday...his last year in his 20's, I can't even believe it. So I figured this year I should try to do something nice for him, haha. So about a month ago I sent an email to his fam & let them know that he has been dyyying for a BBQ. We've lived in our place now for over a year, and we finally have a patio big enough for a BBQ.

His dad & sister happened to see a recent Home Depot ad, which featured a Brinkmann grill on sale...crazy cheap. So his brother offered to get it & store it at their place...AWESOME! We all split the cost for the BBQ, propane tank & grilling utensils.

After weeks of formulating just the right plan, I told James that I was taking him out to a bday breakfast...just him & I. My sister Chelsea came over to 'babysit' Kapri...and of course help set up! He thought we were going to his dad's for a BBQ at 2pm, so I told him to go light on the breakfast. We headed to Potato Shack on a beauuuutiful Sunday morning, split a yummy meal, then drove over to Moonlight Beach (of course) and sat on a bench soaking up the sun and a little Almond champagne.

This whole time of course, I was texting my SIL Amanda all the details of our every single move.

"We just left the house"
"Going to bank"
"Just sat down to eat"
"Leaving breakfast...heading to Moonlight"
"Turning onto street!!!"
You get the idea.

So we pulled into the garage, I tried to make it so he walked through the door & into the patio first...didn't happen. So I walked in, saw how WONDERFUL the patio was decorated, and there was everyone..."SURPRISEEEEEE!!!" James. Was. Shocked.

He couldn't yet see the BBQ around the patio corner, so his 1st reaction & sentence was "whaaaat are you guys doing here?!!" Then as he went around to greet everyone...

...the BBQ caught his eye...the glimmer of the stainless steel...OMG. He was in heaven!

The whole house/patio was decked out with all the decorations I bought...the girls did a perfect job. The main kitchen counter was adorned with food & drinks...and all sorts of grilling products! We did good. hehe.

Another successful surprise...brought to you by yours truly.

Now to start planning for next year's big "3-0"!!


  1. omg i loooooooove the bbq! it's so puurrrtttty! great job bam. i am so impressed

  2. Wow, How Fun! Ok, Tell James we must come over for a BBQ dinner sometime soon. Calista, you did an awesome job on the surprise, birthday bash and the amazing gift for your hubby.

  3. Great job!! Love all the pics of your new plants. Way to pull off all the surprises!


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