Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tasty Baby BBQ

Noooo, I'm not BBQ'ing babies...haha, this is just another post about how crazy the get-togethers with our friends are these days. See for yourself below...pulling this mini photo sesh off last night was beyond chaotic & I think all the mommies were sweating at the end, I know I was, haha...but it was totally worth it to get these pics!

Note how much bigger Kapri is then all of these babies! My lil chunk, gotta love her, haha...well, she's the oldest I believe out of all the kiddos under 1 yr. There was also I think 4 or 5 kids missing from these pics, so that brings the grand total of kids to 15...I think! Good thing their new house is HUGE and could spaciously accomodate all of us, and then some.
(the lady babies, from left to right - Kaitlyn, Kapri, Audrey & Quinn)

(that damn camera case was the only thing that kept her happy & occupied!)


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