Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A year later...finished K's crayoll

I have FINALLY made Kapri's very own Crayoll...sheesh! I cannot believe I meant to make her one last Sept/Oct. I even bought the specific fabrics I thought would be perfect for her...and it just. freakin. sat there. How sad.

BUT...the point is that I finally got around to it...better late than never - and we *heart* it! This is the perfect way to keep her busy while at a restaurant, doctor's waiting room, or wherever I just need her to sit still for a moment & be patient. HA...a toddler...patient? Well, I can wish can't I?? This thing will be in my purse now anytime we go out of the house!

Love you muffin! Or...shall I say "cupcake"?! Hope you enjoy the special Crayoll mamma made just for you


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