Tuesday, January 14, 2014

DIY Race Bib/Medal Display

I am in love with my recent DIY craft....which I happily stumbled upon the idea randomly on Pinterest. I wasn't even looking for this craft, but when I saw it...I knew immediately I just had to recreate one for both myself, and my friend Nic for her birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY friend!!!).

Here are 3 ideas I used to help get my wheels turning: 
So my search began for a large frame, wide enough to fit the bibs and to hang the medals. I kept striking out store after store....when finally, buried in a back clearance aisle at Michael's, I found these 2 grey frames that were PERFECT!

For the letters, I used my Cricut Mini to cut "R U N" from grey scrapbook paper, to coordinate with the frame color:

I was going to spray paint the back, but decided on scrapbook paper inside the frame instead....though you can kind of see the line where I had to join the 2 pieces together, but I still think it came out great!

To hang the race bibs, I used 2 metal/magnetic-back hanging clips...and for the medals, I used 1 silver hook - all are directly on the glass with little adhesive squares, that hold up to 5lbs each....so I think they are pretty secure.

Can't wait to add more to this growing collection!!



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