Tuesday, January 7, 2014

DIY Workout Tee to TANK!

With an exercise routine that keeps me nice & sweaty 5-6 days a week...I go through my work out clothes like CRAZY...and I just cannot justify spending a lot on articles of clothing that will just get drenched in sweat, and maybe the occasional tire marks from 115lb tire flips!!

Over to Pinterest I went and found this awesome tutorial: "No-Sew T-shirt to Tank Top". I had a few blah t-shirts from past runs that I knew would be perfect for this transformation! Here's one that I got from the Run or Dye 5K:

 photo TeetoTank1-edit_zps93eb8b3e.jpg

Then at Joann's, I saw these neon colored shirts on sale - 3 for $9! So I got pink, blue & green. After I washed & dried them, I stenciled on "Run Rest Repeat" with fabric paint onto the green one, love how it turned out!

 photo TeetoTank2-edit_zps5d136227.jpg

Still have the pink & blue to play with...going to see if I can find some other fun ways to jazz up a plain tee! YAY for inexpensive workout threads!


  1. Loved the colors of your tank tops! I have few workout pants and tops but now updating my wardrobe and that’s why looking for nice but workout clothes. Holiday deals are running and hope to get good discount.


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