Friday, June 18, 2010

I love a great deal

I lost one of Kapri's shoes the other day during a walk. By the time I realized it was was too late - I couldn't see it looking back, and I was not about to go down this hill to find it, then back up the hill, haha. So now that she's walking like, FULL TIME, she needs more shoes. I wanted to find her some white-ish ones like what she had before, but haven't found any yet - in price range of course. I would hate to spend $30 on shoes that she's going to either ruin or grow out of in a month or two.

I decided to stop by my fav little 'gently used' resell shop in Encinitas called La Costa Kids - I've found so many great things there...from clothes, to her Christmas dress, toys, Babylegs (before I made my own of course), crafty ideas, and now shoes.

How lucky are we to find these adorable pair of Robeez for $8.99??!! What a steal!! They seriously go for $30ish a pair:

I also found 2 pairs of pants, both Gymboree - the jeans were $4.99 and the brown cord-ish pair were $6.99!! (new would've been $30-$33) This brand is like, the ONLY one that fits her HUGE chunk thighs. I'm not even kidding...they are so big, but I absolutely adore them, haha.

And today for myself...thank you PayLess, for my cute lil $8 yellow summery sandals haha...haven't been in that store in years!
**please excuse my crappy cell pics...stupid BB - not sure I'd call you a "smartphone"**


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