Saturday, July 17, 2010

MC - Day 9

Must chewwwww...I cannot believe I haven't used my teeth for 9 days. I'm so excited that I can say "tomorrow" is my last day on the MC. A freakin carrot has never sounded so good.

Again nothing new to report - I've been watching a lot of 'food' shows, making myself crazy. I have a whole new appreciation for food now. Everytime Kapri throws a piece of delicious marinated chicken on the ground, I have a heart attack because I just wish she knew how lucky she was to have food to eat, hahaha. So on Monday I get to have oranges all day...and probably the lemon drink once or twice if I get starved. Then Tuesday I get to have soup...I got some veggie minestrone & split pea (random - but it sounded damn good), oh and chicken noodle from TJ's, but doubt I'll eat the chicken. Then Wednesday I get to have veggies AND fruits...dying for a banana right about now, banana muffins would be spectacular actually. Do those Wheat Thins Garden Valley Veggie chips count as a "veggie"?? I plan on eating those throughout the day at work, then a super fruity smoothie for dinner. Then Thursday is really the BEST day of the coming week...I get to eat normal, well, for the most part. I'll probably just try to eat light & not over-indulge...but Thurs & Fri I have to have a glass or 2 of wine, because I gotta prep my body for Saturday's wedding...which of course means free grub & booze. Sweet.

Sooo today James & I trimmed back & cleaned up our horribly overgrown yard while K slept for a beautiful 2 hours...even through the noise of us workin in the heat outside. I should've taken before/after pics, it's really just a whole new yard. Before, all the plants were going crazy and it seemed so dark & creepy with all the shade it created. And that damn bougainvillea tree is going to be the death of should be in the weed family because it grows like one I swear. Then when it blooms and the flowers fall off, it creates literally a 2 inch thick blanket on the ground below... AND it has these pretty dreadful looking 1-2 inch thorns. The whole thing just gets huge...tall & wide. It's annoying.

Anyway, after that James left for work so Kapri & I went to run some errands. I wanted to find more beach toys, but didn't find any. Oh well, I doubt she'll care. The sand & ocean will be interesting enough as usual. I wanted to stop by La Costa Kids again to see if I could find yet another great deal on a pair of kicks for K.   SCORE:

Jack & Lily White Shoes:
(normally $30!!!...I got em for $8.99!!!)

LOVE these shoes...hopefully she doesn't outgrow them in less than a month. And here are a few pics from yesterday & today that were too cute not to post for blogspace:

Hangin with dad, playing with his iPhone:

Her random curly fro...from all the sweat during yesterday's heat
Playin with magnet letters we found in the $1 bins at Target today

And finally...channeling "Pebbles" with her hair-do today...had to avoid the sweat-soaked-hair-across-the-forehad look:
Now I'm off to go kill myself doing JM's Level 2....even though Shrek 2 is on TV & I really don't want to turn it off.


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