Saturday, July 3, 2010

Shopper in training

On Saturday Kapri & I spent about 5 hours running errands & doing a little shoppin. It was crazy...I couldn't believe she was able to hang with me that long. She did pretty good. 1st stop was the mall to exchange one of her adorable bday gift outfits at Baby Gap. I was so sad that they didn't have the dress/cardigan anymore, but it was just too small. So instead we got her an equally adorable swimsuit & floppy sun hat! I'll get a pic of her in it soon.

Then we headed inland to check out Old Navy...but first I had to stop & get gas. I realized she needed a diaper change & was getting fussy. So we went inside to get some milk for her....I thought I'd make it home before she needed a 'bottle', (ugh, wish we were off those), but we didn't. So I literally changed her in the backseat of my car, then fed her the milk with a straw right outta the container, haha!

Old Navy was great, found a super cute zebra one-piece, my 1st EVER! I told the guy who was ringing me up that I'd never bought a one-piece before and "guess that's what happens when you have a kid!" But whatev, this swimsuit is too cute, and of course I'll try to get a decent pic in that too (why aren't these online on the Gap/Old Navy website?! grr)

Then we went next door to Target to return a different sunhat that wasn't that cute...not floppy enough! It was here that I got a few vids that made me laugh (sorry, crappy quality...BB's are seriously not what I would call a "smart"phone, ugh):



  1. I love this! Laylie loved that crawing dolly too. Everytime i go to Target i go down that row of dolls and she loves it. Someday soon our girls will be playing dollies and barbies together.


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