Saturday, August 28, 2010

15 months & 15 things

Yesterday I took Kapri in for her 15-month check up - cannot believe how much she's changed & grown up in just a matter of 3 months, since the last time she went in. She's finally, for the very first time in her the 80th percentile range for both weight & height - she's alwasy been in the upper 90th (once OFF the charts around her 6th month I believe) ! Here are the official stats:

Weight = 26 lbs (87%)
Height = 32.75" (83%)

And pics of course... 
hangin in the waiting room
such a lil poser
The doc asked me about how many words Kapri can say...I couldn't tell her off the top of my head (and I was planning on making a list of those words prior to the appt, but I forgot...bad mommy). So she said if it was more than I could count, then we're okay. So I said "yeah, I think she's on track". The doc looked up at me & said "well at this age 'on-track is 3 yeah, she's great!"...Um, YAY, haha. Then she proceeded to tell me that it's kids like Kapri, that makes her want another...awwwww, isn't that so sweet?!! Even if she's lying to me, it's still so nice to hear.

So here's a list of 15 things about my lil 'bug' nowadays...I've been calling her that lately...IDK why...short for LoveBug I guess.

  1. I just counted...she can say about 22 words, from what I can think of - such a smart muffin.
  2. She now has 10 pearly whites: 2 front top teeth (and 2 more top ones breaking thru), 4 front bottom teeth and 2 (what appear to be) her first molars...OUCHie 
  3. Her belly button fascinates her like's hiliarious the way she lifts up her shirt & tries to move her belly rolls to find it!
  4. She has attitude like her mamma...and already tests me - yikes, I'm in for it!
  5. She likes to RUN from mamma as well - still haven't lost those last 5lbs I was hoping for.
  6. She wants like, 5 books read to her each night - probably more if we allowed it. I think I should cap it at 2, sheesh
  7. She's finally done with bottles, I swear, the drying rack is in the life is complete.
  8. She's in size 5 diapers...when do people typically start potty training?? hahaha, yeah right, that won't happen anytime soon.
  9. She's just about in size 6 shoes...that reminds me, I need to get her more...oye vay. Guess I need to make another trip back to La Costa Kids...where I found these & these!!
  10. Stacking blocks is her FAV right now - I'm not even kidding. Pretty sure she'll sit there for an hour & just STACK!
  11. She sleeps about 12 hours at night, with one 1.5-2 hr nap during the day.
  12. She LOOOOOVES blueberries - pretty sure she's gonna turn blue like that girl from Willy Wonka.
  13. She loves to twirl around & stomp her feet really fast when we tell her "dance dance dance" over & damn cute.
  14. Her sweet kisses are the best and she's so willing to give them to people (& kids!)
  15. She has to sleep with her soft pink blankie & super soft/silky white lamb - I hope I can save those for years to come.

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  1. Love this post!! Kapri is such a sweet girl, I enjoyed your 15 facts!

    And your pedi has awesome paintings in their office. I guess that's a perk of living in CA. Here in Texas it's a boring doctors office with a few kid books. Haha!


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