Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy 1st...this time to Laylie!

So many 1st bdays this year...sooo many wonderful little munchkins to celebrate! Today we were invited to walk right outside our front door for a beautiful 'picnic' bday for our neighbor's daughter, Laylie. It was so great to have on our green belt - tons of room for lots of families & kids...even a big jumpie & a water balloon toss. I also had the pleasure of creating her bday tutu - love!

Here are some pics taken by Kapri's 1st bday photog - who is Laylie's auntie - Lisa Lain:

Kapri enjoyed her first time in a jumpie...though I think by the look of this pic, she was a tad scared at first!!

But then her loving daddy joined her for a jump or 2

After she ran around all over the place, while we tried to eat & run along after her...I was able to hold her while we sang Laylie happy birthday (twice for fun! haha)...Kapri loves that song, then clapping after!

Then K finally sat down for a good 2 or 3 minutes to chow down a yummy cupcake. She likes to share...sometimes.
aren't these FABULOUS?! Daddy Jason's sis made them...YUM!
Such a fun filled day...OH, and I of course had to gift the bday girl with her very own "Crayoll"!! Love these fabrics:


  1. It was great seeing you at Laylie's party! I saw your post last night & was going to email you today about sending you some pictures I took of Laylie's adorable tutu. Looks like you already got some from Mindy! Thanks for putting my link - you're awesome! The Crayoll is so cute! I gave Laylie some coloring books for her bday so I know your gift will be well used & loved. Hope to see you soon!

  2. Calista,
    The party outfit would have not been complete without your red tutu. Thank you friend! Loved celebrating with you! Yes, we adore our crayoll. So cute and fun. thank you!!
    I told everyone about "custom by calista" and your awesome talents. :-)


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