Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy 10-10-10 Bday Lynn!!

Today we had yet another bday celebration...this time for our WONDERFUL wedding planner, Lynn...she's the best, seriously...see the 'hand/ring' pic on this post, she helped us 3 ladies with all our weddings!! Anyway, she had a fabulous bday brunch at the Inn at Rancho Santa pretty...oh, and at 10:10 a.m.!!

Her being a professional planner, of course she gave us sparkly invites beforehand, everything had it's 'place' in the banquet room and each table had pretty flower centerpieces...along with a beautiful "Nothing Bundt Cake" and DELISH corresponding little cupcakes...I could've eaten 10, seriously.

It was a fabulous day... on 10.10.10! Thanks again Lynn for letting us celebrate your special day with you & your friends! xoxo

Lynn and the 2 Mejia Couples

love this guy!'d I get so lucky!!? Love her!


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