Monday, October 11, 2010

I think I need a bigger...

CLOSET!!!!!! argsagfiasfhsiaiaidf...I hate this tiny little "hole in the wall" - I guess it could be worse, but for me, it's just miserable. My last closet was fabulous. It wasn't a walk-in, but it was loooonnnggggg...I could hang every shirt, tank top, skirt, jacket, dress & pair of pants...even old Halloween costumes. Ugh.

Upon moving to this current home, I got rid of probably 5 trashbags full of clothes & shoes. But apparently that wasn't enough. Now, I have a few jackets downstairs in a small coat closet, a few sweaters & my wedding dress in a portion of the closet in K's room/office, most my jeans now have to be folded & stashed somewhere in-between, and the rest is SQUISHED into this shack of a closet:
yes, I color-coordinate my shirts...don't laugh

And that pic is minus alllllllll of these clothes...that I just cleaned. This totals 3 full loads of laundry. Yikes. My name is Calista. And I am a shopaholic.
These piles are about a foot deep...not fun to put away.

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  1. Oh...i have an idea...I can hang them in my closet for you while wearing an item here and there. Whenever you want something back you can walk over and get it:-) I love your clothes and you always look so cute.


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