Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Why are YOU smiling?

Well, I'm smiling because today was overall, a pretty good day (especially compared to the last few I've been having) here's why:

I found out I won an adorable 'scrabble tile' necklace, which is handmade by another crafty mommy, Jessica, who posted this giveaway on her blog, "Life Sew Good"! ME?! I never win this was a welcomed surprise! I think it'd be so cute for her to create a necklace for Kapri, with a little strawberry or something! I'll have to post a pic when I receive the final product...yayyy me! Thanks Jessica!!

Also, I'm loving this crisp fall weather, even if it is only short-lived...this weekend is supposed to be warm again. It's super confusing here in SD. Anyway, I got to wear my gorg new, cheap, super soft/light, blue/green scarf from 'Tarjay', I love it. Now I just wish we could use our fireplace...but that's a no-go, since we had the big screen mounted above it. Fire + expensive TV = no bueno. Oh well...a space heater will work too I guess, haha.

Lastly, I just got a fabulous deal on a hardly used jogger stroller I found on CraigsList... How cool is this thing?? It's the Jeep Overland Limited. I love it! It has speakers...SPEAKERS! I can hook my BB up to it (& James can use his iPhone)...score! Tons of pockets, large basket underneath, cup holders, a tire pump that's velcro'd inside the basket, and a rain guard that attaches to the front to protect K in case it rains! Sooo awesome! We went on a little 2 mile jog down to Trader Joes (fruit & cinnamon cookies for K, 2 buck chuck for me, thank you!) and the weather was perfect for running. Eve, if you read this...thank you for selling this to me!!!!!
YAY, it fits!!
I think she likes it  ;-)


  1. this is sooooo cute! i love it bam!!!!!!!! what a GREAT deal!

  2. That is a good deal, my sister in law just got one of those strollers and I am ridiculously jealous. You are lucky you live in a place where you can walk to places, I used to live in so cal and spent a lot of time in Carlsbad where my BFF lives, we walk everywhere. Since I moved to Colorado it sucks, not a pedestrian friendly place by any means! Sorry for the TMI, haha.
    PS 2 buck chuck OWNS.


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