Friday, December 10, 2010

Love. Joy. Peace.

My newly designed Christmas cards have made made, printed, and shipped out to our little list of oh, only 60 people... I just love these little postcard style beauties!! I saved money by only having these printed in a small postcard size, though I did front & back...B&W on the back was cheaper than color, which I really only wanted/needed on the front. I think this will be the style we'll go with each year, a little Mejia tradition. ;-)

I didn't have to buy envelopes AND postage was only a whooping $.28 - compared to the normal rate of $.44 each. The text on the left was printed out on each, but then I decided to hand write everyone's name/address, instead of buying & printing out labels. So I was able to send em out to a lot more friends & fam without breaking the bank!  Now let's hope they don't get TOO destroyed in the mail, haha!


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