Monday, December 13, 2010

Xmas Craftiness

I am loving my newly made Christmas card holder...inspired by THIS post on the latest craft blog I've started following, Gwenny Penny. It's not exactly the same, but definitely got the idea from this.

So here's the final outcome of my version:
Early December

Instead of using a wire hanger, like in the tutorial, I found a wire wreath round at Michaels for $2.99 + a 40% off coupon. 

Then instead of single red beads, I found a 5ft fake red berry vine that was on sale (50% off $6.99)! 

So I wrapped that around the inside of the wreath, then spray painted the clothespins green, attached a big red bow I got at the Dollar Store, and hung it with a red/white polka dot ribbon, that I had extra of from a previous tutu I made. It's my new fav:
late December!

I have to be honest though....this thing below is what I made for Xmas cards about a week ago...what was I thinking?? HA
It turned out to be super flimsy & wasn't sturdy enough, especially for those bigger photo cards. So,I took this down off the wall, removed the 3 ribbons, and hung the lil sign in another place


  1. i am LOVING this. i just went to joann's to stock up for my next project. i can't wait to see how they turn out and blog about them yipppeeee~

  2. i like yours waaaay better (although hers was nice too).

  3. Love your interpretation! The berry vine is so pretty.

  4. Wow! You are a Christmas crafting genius! So glad I found your project via Centsational Girl.

    Please stop by for a visit to my blog. I am currently in the midst of a Gifts to Make series.

    Be Merry and Bright!

  5. @Hi, I'm Laura Ingalls Gunn Thank you so much Laura - love this time of year...I'll definitely stop by your blog!


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