Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rain play

We had a cozy family Sunday today. We went to Souplantation for breakfast (1st time ever, was soooo delish!), then we can home & I pointed out this tree next to our house that has become the most wonderful shade of a warm, canary yellow. I swear this happened over night!! Plus with the rain, the tree trunk & branches are darrrrk brown, almost black - it's such a mesmerizing color combination. A sight rarely seen for us San Diegans...drunk on
sunshine & warm temps throughout much of the year!

So I told him I wanted to take a pic of it (with my phone of course, still no cam on hand - but these are pretty damn good!). Then I decided to have a little play time the cool, misty weather. It rained on & off today, but while we were out it was perfect! I love our Sundays together as a's our only full day with all 3 of us together - so I savor every moment. beautiful is this?!!


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