Thursday, January 13, 2011

Helloooo world of embroidery

I've never embroidered before - ever. So when I received a family gift for Christmas specifically FOR an embroidery machine...I was both ecstatic and worried at the same time. I can sew....I consider myself to be intermediate...but the world of embroidery is so new to me! I knew it'd take some time to get the hang of it.

So I ventured out, spent time researching machines, read reviews, & finally decided on the Brother SE-400 - which of course was sold OUT everrrrywhere. It was crazy - I thought to myself "wow...a lot of people must've got the same Christmas gift that I did", haha! I later realized that there was a good year-end rebate on it in late December, go fig. So I finally found one & ordered it last week...and yesterday it was finally delivered to my front door. YAY!
here she is...she's gorgeous & I love the big LCD touch screen! The embroidery extension is that big piece to the left - when it's connected this thing looks intense!
Upon unpacking it - I have to admit I was a little intimidated...I questioned my crafting abilities. So I just told myself to do one step at a time...I tried out the sewing aspect of it last night, and tonight I plan to tackle the embroidery part - I HAVE to, because I have an adorable 3-pack of custom burp cloths that I promised to try out my new machine on by Friday! ahh

Also, as one of my New Year's resolutions...I plan on dedicating more time (& more likely more $$) trying to promote my business & grow...grow...grow! So I decided to start a 'portfolio'...or maybe it's more like a 'brag book', either way, it'll be nice to carry around with me. That way I can have it on hand & be prepared if (& when) I approach a boutique owner or set up a booth at a local street fair. I still have to select the pics I want to use & get them printed out & organized inside the binder, but so far so good:
How cute is this scrapbook paper I found...with little scissors & thread spools all over it!?
<3 my purty logo!


  1. GORGEOUS! You're so darn organized I can't even stand it! God, I envy you! ;)

  2. Wow, I am so jealous!!! But, would also be intimidated, lol:) Have fun with it!!

  3. This is a wonderful machine for small embroidery designs! I have this same machine, just fyi it might be a good idea to invest in a black card so you can buy designs online and use them on your machine. The program I use is called PED Basic (

    In the end it will be a whole lot cheaper than buy embroidery cards!!

  4. this is the beginning of a beautiful crafting world bam...i love it! can't wait to see what the first embroidery machine does! very similar to gregg's dad's machine but his is HUGE. haha.


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