Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome to Twenty-Eleven

Does everyone have a good feeling about 2011, or do they say that every New Years day? I'm neutral - I don't feel strongly one way or the other. The other being 'having a bad feeling about 2011', haha, which I doubt people really say anyway.

So, I welcome 'twenty eleven' or 'two thousand eleven'...what's the general consensus on this? Well, regardless, a new year, a fresh start...maybe new ventures, maybe more success with existing ones, and of course...watching in awe as our little muffin top grows bigger, prettier and smarter every day.

To close off a great 2010, we left K with Grammy Mary for her first overnight in a different home, ever! Then
we headed over to Niki's house to ring in the new year catching up, without having to cater to every need of our children - that's a rarity these days! We decided to have a silly PJ party, just to keep it comfy and the weather was expected to get down to high 30's at night in the inland parts of the county. Brr. It was so fun just hanging out til the early morning together, like we used to in our pre-kid's definitely crucial to have good re-connection time with friends like that once & awhile!!
1st of 10 timer pics

then it got silly
he was the DD! Love this shirt..."You removed my WHAT?!"
Happy NYE Kisses!

Ladies in our jamjams
The next morning after I casually woke up to the oh-so peaceful sounds of my Ambient' Pandora station on my new iHome that the hubs got me for Xmas (instead of a little girl yelling, "MAMMA" or "DADDA"), then proceeded to go make just myself some light breakfast & OJ, then finally went to go pick up the little one. I'm happy to report that she did GREAT at grammy's! I was hesitant, but James insisted that she'd do fine, especially since it's Grammy Mary - whom she loves & adores with all her heart (it's so cute to watch them together). Now I need to find another good excuse to have K do another overnighter with her, hahaha!


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