Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Encinitas Library Trip

Yesterday I decided to take K to the Encinitas library down the street. I haven't been there in sooooo long, probably since high school. Yikes. Anyway, they completely renovated it in 2008 I think...and I was reading over the weekend that it's amazing. So off we went.

Of course she LOVES books at home, but the second we got there and she saw the room full of toys - so just like that, she had zero interest in books. Go fig. So I let her play while I randomly picked out a few books to take home with us.

After, we sat outside and she had a snack while I got a drink from the coffee cart...I have a crazy coffee addiction. I think it's related to 'mommyhood', haha. And how hilarious is that coffee cart sign?!!
Then of course we read them all last night...and one seriously brought a tear to my eye...it was crazy - such a cute story called "Yummiest Love". SO cute.
The 2 parts that really got to me were these:

I love our gentle, quiet times.
And the warmth of your small body
and the beautiful beating
of your perfect little heart


It seems impossible that I could love you more each day
but that is what happens.
You keep changing and growing and that will never stop.
All I can do is hang on for the ride.

So. True.


  1. How fun!!!!
    I love encinitas! we live fairly close to each other! I ilve in so cal. too! your daughter is beautiful :)

  2. wow what a beautiful library! and a beautiful kid.lol.


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