Monday, September 19, 2011

Nature Walk Goodies

K had an awesome time picking up bits & pieces of nature the other day after a nice long walk/jog. Typically I'll walk or jog or both...she looks back at me in confusion throughout the jogging parts ("why the heck is mamma breathing so loud!? I can't enjoy this with her panting over me."), then I'll take her to the park to get out some crazy 2-yr old toddler energy. But the other day I was NOT up for the park.

I mean, let's be honest for a sec.

How many times can a parent go to the park in a matter of a weeks time? Not like it's THAT much fun for us parents. I wish I could have some fun swinging myself and push her at the same time. They need to invent a device that attaches between 2 side-by-side when you go up, they go up. That'd be awesome.

I believe there's a Friday park happy hour around here...maybe I should look into that.........

So instead of the park, I took her out at the bottom of a little hill - small to me..... "big mountain" (as she says) to her. She loves to push the jogger. She hates when I even have to help steer it OUT of the bushes or grass. But I'm all for it...give mamma a lil breaky-break since I'm sweating like a whatver.

Pushing a 30lb kid, IN a 30lb stroller AND jogging at the same time - is a complete all over body work out...try it if you don't believe me. Your arms will be sore from the death grip you will surely have on it, especially going down hill.Whoa.

She pushes. I occasionally steer. Then I hold the stroller when she suddenly (and frequently) stops to bend down & pick up something new to add to the building collection of randomness in the seat & front tray. Or not about this stick...

and this stick...

ohhhh...and THIS stick mamma!

This lovly collection is what we came home with, already per-inspected by moi for bugs/spiders/etc. ICK! All of course she has to pull out one by one, (I swear there were about 40 in there) and place delicately on the coffee table to show dadda. Love this kid.


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