Friday, December 23, 2011

Holiday Party at Kapri's Preschool

Tuesday night we headed over to Kapri's preschool to mingle with other parents, drink wine, eat tons of yummy potluck food, and of all the kids sing and dance - they even got a visit & a toy from Santa!!

I'd post the vid...but it's literally 10 minutes of kids screaming holiday songs and crazy jingling bells (they each wore a bell-filled bracelet). K didn't do much since there were only 148974 parents, grandparents, & other children staring at them... with all their flashing cameras & camcorders - but it was cute regardless!

Of course she sings all the songs in the comfort of our home - but there she got a little stage fright. Ah well, I bet next year when's she's used to it all, she'll know the drill ;-) After all, she's only been there 4 months, and goes only 2 days a week.

There are 4 teachers at her school - all of them are just amazing. They're so kind, patient and caring - as a teacher should be. In the short time that K's been there, she seems to love them all and thoroughly enjoys going to school. She's been learning SO much and comes home everyday with beautiful artwork and tons to tell me.

To show my appreciation, we brought little homemade gifts for the teachers to the Holiday party. I love these so much, I made myself one...just so cute, and practical, and unique (inexpensive is nice too!). I got the idea from Pinterest (here) of course!

They are big on puzzles at her school too. The other night (while making my delish Santa Hats), Kapri called to me from the living room... "mamma, come here mamma, come see mamma!!!" To which I replied, "one minute honey, mommy's trying to finish these yummy treats!". Then James piped in... "babe, you should come here...look really quick."  Alright alright...

When I stepped in the living room, I found this:
That is a fully completed princess puzzle...a 46 PIECE puzzle to be exact.

She was so excited. I looked at James & said "you helped here didn't you?" No. "Seriously, why are you lying to me?? I know you helped her!" No.

She did it HERself!! I couldn't believe it. That's a LOT of pieces!!! hahaha...normally I have to help her, that stuff gets complicated.

But not this time - here's a little vid of my proud of this kid:
Anyway - I credit her school and amazing teachers for that...among other things... Yay for preschool!!


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