Sunday, December 18, 2011

Nebulizing the day away...

From my Thanksgiving re-cap post... I had mentioned K's cold/turned breathing issues - ugh. After her standard head cold took a turn for the in, coughing so hard, for so the point of choking...near throwing up (actually did once, just 15 min. before her scheduled doc appt!)...and GASPing to breath normally for air.

We sat in the room for about 2 hours, while K snuggled patiently in my lap - with an oxygen mask on her face, hooked up to a nebulizer - pumping medicated air into her lungs. Thank god for my iPhone, kid apps, and YouTube to watch clips of Disney movies.
the mask kinda smooshed her face a bit, poor thing!

After 2 rounds of the nebulizer treatment - we were outta there with a prescription for a little infection and a scheduled follow up appt for Wed., the day before Thanksgiving. At the f/u appt, I was told that children who develop RSV early in life, have a 30% chance of developing asthma. Great. I freaked inside a bit...but then I realized that was just a small chance. So I'm trying not to think about that. But still, every time she gets a cold, her lungs get really wheezy and her cough typically gets really bad. No fun.

The doc also ordered our very own in-home nebulizer, so we don't have to keep coming into her office (and YAY no $25 co-pay each time!). Luckily we have that - because as I write today...just a few short weeks after that appt... our poor little bug is sick.


We've used the 'nebbie' like, 3 times already since 4am this morning - and it really seems to help when she's in the middle of a really gnarly coughing attack. She knows the drill now and tolerates the whole 'nebulizing' that makes it easier. She also gets some cool ice cream for her raw mamma/dadda's bed...watching movies all day - SCORE kid!

I'm just hoping she'll be better by Christmas - luckily it's a full week away from today - so I'm sure she'll be good! Last year she was totally sick ON Christmas day and that sucked. However I'm now getting sick again too. Damn this never-ending ickyness!


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