Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Just need some rain

Pre-household sickness, we had some light sprinkle showers the other week and had to venture out to run a few errands - giving K the perfect opportunity to try out her new ladybug rain coat from Grammy Mary and the new rain boots I found online to match ($6...what a deal!)...and her new princess umbrella that was just her size, so I couldn't resist buying that at the store the other day.

This ladybug theme is so fitting since I call her "bug" all the time!

Sadly the rain didn't last long, so she didn't get to experience the full effect...but at least we got a few cute pics. Maybe winter will bring a few more rainy days to San Diego so we can go splash in some puddles together - now I just need some rain boots! Hummm...should've dropped hints about that to the hubs for a Christmas gift, dang!! haha

Anyway - love this kid and her excitement for the small things:


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