Sunday, January 1, 2012

NYE - we actually went OUT!

I was so beyond excited when my MIL offered to watch K overnight so James & I could have a night out, with no curfew...and sleep in (sorta). She came & picked her up shortly after dinner, which gave us enough time to get ready. We haven't celebrated a NYE out in a long time...and never in downtown San Diego...YAY!

After she left, I jammed upstairs, going immediately to my iHome dock, started the B.Spears station (I swear it has THE best, fun, dance-able music to get ready too!), and turned up the volume. Loud.

My last minute desire for a new dress left me driving all around town Friday morning with Kapri. I love when she comes with me because she sometimes tells me how pretty I look in something or if she likes an outfit I try on - shopper in training - I tell ya. So I found a cheapy $20 black, one-shoulder dress, with big ruffles going down one side - love - and paired it with some big fun shiney/silvery earrings and was set. Done & Done:
crappy iPhone flash...

We left the house that night around 8:30 & were on our way. We had tickets to a party being held on the rooftop/pool area of the Hotel Palomar (formally the Sè Hotel). I found that it was going to have a 'masquerade ball' theme, so James & I had both bought cheapy masks at Party City - I actually loved mine (only $4!) & am so glad I saved it for future use!
My $12 drink that tasted like straight juice - oh the joys of going out!
We indulged in some celebratory bubbly at a friend's house, took a few pics:
 ...then walked to the hotel. After a short wait in line, we were in and the vibe was great. Good times, good fun...good to get OUT!

I have a really great feeling about what 2012 has to bring. I've felt it for months now...not only do I turn 30 this year in November (*my golden bday too!...Vegas here I come*), but this April/May is very significant for me. After about 4 1/2 years, I will have finally paid OFF a TON of stupid debt.

Stupid meaning = have nothing to show for thousands of dollars I racked up over 8 credit cards when I was young (18) and dumb. I cannot wait to have this extreme weight lifted off my shoulders and be free from a pretty hefty monthly payment.

eeeeee...WELCOME 2012!! Please be good to the Mejia fam!!


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