Friday, March 9, 2012


whoa...I just looked at my blog post list and realized that my last entry marked my 400th post...WOW - that's a LOT of writing I've done in 3.5yrs!! So I celebrate with some random pics from my cell phone, in no particular order...
bubble time with dadda in the driveway -- kid. loves. BUBBLES!!

Mission Bay night run - gorg sunset! I freakin love San Diego!!!

loves to pick & blow on Dandelions during our walks - it's our little ritual
play time with her cousins in our living room - making a wonderful mess

park time...getting so big, hardly needs my help anymore! awww

sending daddy a pic to say 'hi' while he was at work

loving her new $1.99 princess mug...with warm cinnamon apple tea...mmm

2/24/12 - wrote on the wall to mark the day we had a 'reunion' lunch at Woodstocks in PB - me, KG & CM!

Hullabaloo Concert @ Babies By the Sea in Cardiff - Kapri & Pierce had so much fun together!

lounging in the grass, watching clouds -- mamma, Kapri & auntie sisi


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