Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy 14 My Luv!

Yesterday marked the 14th year since James' & my verrrry first date. I was 15...crazy right?!!
~ Photo courtesy of Jennifer Katen Photography ~

It was a typical work day for me while he stayed home with Kapri...followed by a 60 min / 4.5 mile run through some crazy hiking trails with my sister after work.... then dinner at Leucadia Pizzeria as usual - where we had our very first date 14 years ago ;-)

Dinner was yummy...ordered the same thing to keep up with nostalgia...thai chicken salad, thai chicken pizza, and this delish tortellini pasta with sun dried tomatoes & artichokes...mmmm.We almost got the same booth 3 years in a row, but luckily the table next to their little fish tank was open, and K loved that! She was trying to feed the fish bread...through the glass. Comical.

We decided that next year we'd change it up and perhaps start a new tradition somewhere...since that'll be 15 years together...holy!

Then we came home & I slaved over these bad boys for Kapri to take to school today:

Krispie Treat Fruit Kabobs
Courtesy of THIS pin...though mine aren't nearly as pretty - literally assembled them all this morning in a rush before work!

A quote from her teacher's last email {so cute!}:

This week the children have been learning more about the rain forest and the variety of animals that live in the different levels.
Snakes, frogs, toucans, monkeys, macaws, tigers, owls, sloths and rain forest art now adorn the class. Next week we will complete our theme by talking to the children about other animals, foods that grow there and people who live in the rain forest. 
We will also talk to them about conservation of the land.

Today all the kids had to bring in some fruit to share, as they are discovering the rain forest...along with all the animals that live there & fruit that grows there. Of course I couldn't just send her with a carton of I chose these instead. The krispie treats have strawberry fruit drink powder mixed into the marshmallow goo...I wish I'd only put in half the packet though. Ahh well, kids will love em for sure!

Also - next time I attempt these, I will have to go on the hunt for wayyyyy thinner skewers. These ones we had were for they kept breaking the fruit pieces in half!!! Major fail last night when I tried it out. But I figured it all out this morning.
Blueberries, Strawberries, Kiwis & Bananas - topped with a strawberry flavored rice krispie treat with sprinkles!


  1. LOVING these little friendly fruit skewers! I would totally eat that. Ha!!!! Happy 14 years James and Bammie!


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