Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lynn's Baby Shower

Yesterday we celebrated another baby girl on the way, Raya {love this name} and mommy-to-be, Lynn. It was a gorgeous baby shower, decorated in pink, white & black...with amazing little desserts and incredible finger foods like homemade turkey meat balls and the yummmmiest homemade roasted bell pepper tomato soup cups with grilled cheese. We were greeted with unseasonably warm, 85 degree SD weather, so the champagne helped keep us cool ;-)
The diaper cake Amanda & I made for Lynn
Lynn is an all-star superwoman - we first met when James & I had a meeting with her to become our wedding planner back in 2007. I don't know what I would've done without her helping to make sure our special day went smoothly...she was a perfect fit for us. She is organized, fashionable, extremely detail-oriented and thorough. All the qualities I LOVE in a person/planner/friend, haha! After that, I referred her to my sister-in-law Amanda and another one of our friends, Kate - to help plan their weddings as well.
Lynn holding the door as we made our 'grand entrance'!

Lynn also referred us to Tim to marry us (DJ/Officiant)...and it was Tim that recommended a beautiful song for our wedding party to walk down the aisle to: "Now We Are Free" by Lisa Gerrard...the theme song to Gladiator. We never would've even thought or considered it, until he played it for us during a meeting and we fell in love with it immediately!
Tim officiating
Years later, Lynn & Tim eventually started dating, married in 2010 and are now due to have baby girl Raya Grace in April.

Thanks for having us at your beautiful shower Lynn...we're so happy for you & Tim and cannot wait to meet your little bundle of joy!! xoxo


  1. LOVE this post, you made me sweet and wow how far we've all come :) thank you for being such a special part of the day yesterday, I'm going to feel really guilty breaking that cake apart :) I am lucky to have the Mejia gals in my life. XO

    1. awww Lynn - we're equally lucky to have you my dear!! And those are size 3 you can wait a few more months til you rip into it! hahaha


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