Monday, March 8, 2010

A DOZEN Years of JOY

On Saturday James & I celebrated our 12th "dating" anniversary. I don't know why we still celebrate March 6th, but I think it's pretty damn significant, so we're just gonna keep on at it! Every year we just go for a simple dinner at Leucadia Pizzeria, where we had our very 1st date (double date that is) back in high school on March 6, 1998. Whoa, it's weird to type the year starting with "19", haha.

Anyway, we headed out that evening with a verrrrry fussy baby...I think she's still got a little cold lingering. At first James asked me if we should just order it to eat at home. 

(Calista) Points at face, air-strokes hair...speaks: "Um, do you seeeee the effort I've put into myself tonight?! NO, we're going to eat there & Kapri is just gonna have to deal.
(James) "That's long as we keep her occupied with food she'll be okay, right?

Hahaha...this statement was true, and as I typed it I thought to myself, "wow, we're just awesome parents, putting food in front of our kid just to keep her 'entertained' so we can make it through a quick dinner". Maybe that's why she's such a CHUNK! hahah, j/k j/k!!

This year we got the same flippin table as last weird to think that at this time a year ago I was hugely pregnant. We always order the same thing...IDK why, maybe just for that nostalgic effect? Regardless, it's damn delicious and usually only once per year. So it's not like we get sick of it. We split the Oriental Chicken Salad...the peanut sauce is sooo good. And he gets the Thai Chicken mini pizza - no idea why since he just ate a salad that's pretty much the time he said he'd get the BBQ Chicken pizza! Then I always get the Tortellini with Chicken...which is swimming around in yummy Alfredo sauce, with sun-dried tomatoes, onions & artichoke good. Then we always get a box of cookies to take home & enjoy...pure happiness.

Kapri was amazed & pointing at the little fishys in the tank...I think it's time for an aquarium trip soon!!


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