Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Project Diaper Cake #2

Another fab diaper cake!! My sis-in-law & I made one back in January for our girlfriend Niki, which was awesome! Then Amanda enlisted my help to make one for one of her friends’ baby shower. So I headed over to her house after work one afternoon, popped open a bottle of wine (that first pour is one of my favorite sounds. ever.) and went to work rolling up so teeny tiny little diaps & getting in touch with our creative sides. 

I think a reason why it may take us so long is that we don’t really have a game plan as far as the d├ęcor goes, so we just wing it as we go along! But this one came out just as great….love the sports theme for sure!! 

Now can one of my friends paaalease have a girl so I can make a super girly diaper cake?! Seriously. I have a few thoughts on who…but that cat’s not outta the bag yet, so I’ll just have to hang tight & wait, hehe


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