Friday, March 12, 2010

Kapri’s 9-mo (almost 10 though) checkup

Well little K is doin great…she’s back on the charts this time (the last few she was clear OFF the charts…my lil chunk chunk). Anywho, she’s 23.7 lbs and 29” long – both in the 95th percentile. She got 2 shots in her chunk thighs and heel prick…to which she barely cried which was a total surprise. Maybe she’s just getting used to needles?? Haha…doubt that.

I cannot believe her next checkup will be her 12-month…insane. Time is so precious.

OH, also on this evening, just after James got home from work, I was feeding Kapri in her Bumbo seat instead of her highchair…just a snack of some cantaloupe. Then all of a sudden, as she anxiously grabbed a piece off my hand & shoved her hold fist in her mouth to ensure the piece made it in there…she looked up at me & SIGNED her very first word: “MORE”. My thoughts… “O. M. G., did that just happen…babe did you see that??!!” I kept asking her if she wanted more, she signed it, I gave her another piece & we all clapped & said YAYYY. It was such an awesome moment that I’m so glad both mama & dada could enjoy for the first time.

Although she hasn’t done it since, I know she’s getting it little by little. I think we need to be a bit more consistent with the signing thing though…and try out new signs. All in time, which again…is precious. :-)

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  1. this is the cutest darn outfit of my life. LOVE IT


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