Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Nature Pic Overload

Totally forgot to post these the other day...

Kapri & I went out on our greenbelt for a bit to enjoy the pleasant weather before our yucky storm this past weekend. She asked to use the camera, so I let her...after I gave her a quick run down on how to use it (though she had probably 78 pics with her finger in the way!!).

It now seems she definitely needs her own little toddler camera...she loves taking pics! Guess we'll add that to the bday present list (which I cannot believe is only TWO months away - gahhh!!!)... perhaps THIS one!?

I just loved watching her explore and be super independent...

Admiring her gorgeous curly locks that I'm so envious of...

Giggling at her running to different spots along the grass to snap another picture...

And protecting her when she'd run into my arms whenever she'd see a bee!

She amazes me everyday... her vocabulary and general sentences make me laugh so hard lately... we're so lucky to have such a wonderful little girl... even through her occasional toddler-tantrums and feisty attitude {wonder where she got that from??} - we love her unconditionally!


Here are a 'few' of the pics she took all on her own... great job bug!

And a few of me she took of course:

Love you bug!!


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