Saturday, March 17, 2012

Rainy Run-Day

Oh rain. Oh wind. Oh cold. All fantastic elements for a great run right??

Not so much.

Did we get up bright & early, bundle up, drive 30 min. and brave it anyway?

We sure did.

Here was my morning spread - all ready to go!
Toast with PB, sliced bananas...drizzled with honey for breakfast. Luna bar  and G2 Gatorade packet for after run

It was our longest run yet, a full 110 min. of 2/3 intervals. Of course my Nike app didn't start...probably a combo of it being sealed in a ziplock baggie and stuffed in my armband & the rain drops on it making it hard to read...I thought I pressed start, but it didn't register. I noticed this about 1/2 way through the run. I was so mad!! But I mapped it out once we got home with (coolest mapping tool ever!) and it shows we ran about 8.8 miles in just under 2 hours.

I would love to complete the Half Marathon in that amount of time...we will see. My original goal was 3 hrs, but we still have another 11 weeks of training left.

We struggled a TON the first 20 minutes or so...with tremendous calf pain/tightness...Then I decided we should test out the performance goods I bought yesterday from GNC:
GU Chomps in Strawberr and GU Energy Gel in Strawberry Banana
HOLY ENERGY! We are hooked for life on this little packet of 'Chomps'. There are 8 large gummies in each package (2 servings) and they do what the claim, that's for sure. It says they should last for up to 2 hours of activity (take with lots of water!), so it was perfect! We didn't try the GU Gel this time...maybe next long run. We were seriously amazed at how easy it made this run feel (especially with this crappy weather)...they even seamed to make our calf pain virtually disappear! They don't taste like cupcakes or anything...but they're tolerable.

The rain & wind intensified during the last leg of our was so crazy. I had to put my face downward, with my head charging through the storm...the water was no bueno on my contacts! It really made it 10 times harder to even MOVE, let alone run...and I'm certain that if the weather was better, we would've hit exactly 9 miles. Ah well. We looked like drowned rats afterwards...thank goodness my brain was functioning this morning, because I made sure to bring a change of clothes/socks!!

My sister also bought this handy little hydration belt...think I may have to invest as's great!! Which reminds the end of all this training, I need to post on the actual 'costs' associated with running & training for a marathon!! It's not as 'cheap' as you may think...haha


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