Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Date Day for Hubby's Bday

I love taking Wednesdays off from breaks up the week and makes Thurs/Fri easier - for me at least. Even better, is taking a Wednesday off to have a relaxing date day with the hubs to celebrate his birthday! I cannot remember the last time we even had a date 'night', let alone a FULL date DAY just the two of us!

We first had him open his bday cards before taking Kapri to school in the morning...she's such a love bug:

After we dropped her off, James & I headed to Potato Shack (one of his favs since a kid) for a yum breakfast on a chilly morning. By our house it was sunny & beautiful...but just 3 short miles west, right by the beach was plagued by a pretty thick marine layer that never burned off.

eggs, toast, bacon, sausage, potatoes, coffee - literally my perfect type of b'fast!
Then we went to my fav nail salon, Vogue Nails, (where I've gone since high school!) to relax & polish off a bottle of delish Cupcake Prosecco, while getting spa pedicures - his FIRST ever!!! The man desperately needed it for his super dry/cracked heels! I got the BEST calf massage from my pedicurist, Ivy... ahhhhmazing - must go back (to her specifically) soon, once I start running again, to rub away my achy calves!

pure. bliss.

pretty in pink

Once our feet were all prettified...we went to the theaters to see American Reunion...which was sooo funny! We had to see it together, since we saw the very first one when it came out, back in 1999...during our early dating years. The theater was totally empty, I've never experienced that before, so awesome...this pic just doesn't do justice:

that's a MEDIUM sized Sprite....jeez...looks more like XXL!

Finally, we picked up Kapri together (that's a treat for her since it's usually just me)...and came home to relax a bit before heading out for a quick dinner/drink with his brother & Amanda. All in all - great way to spend his birthday...and we have a brunch planned for this Sunday too.

LOVE YOU BABE!!! xoxoxxx


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