Sunday, January 26, 2014

San Clemente Girls Day

Having a girls day is the best form of therapy, in my opinion!!

With my friend Nic & my sister's bdays just a few weeks apart, we decided to do a joint brunch/pedi day up in San Clemente - which is really a quick drive up the 5, in the cutest little surfer town (besides my beloved Encinitas of course!)

We had planned to eat at the Beach Garden Cafe, but after quite a long wait outside, with no end in sight - we were getting antsy. I hadn't realized how tiny this place was! So a few girls walked over to check out a restaurant across the street on the pier overlooking the ocean... they came back & said NO wait, and super cheap!

So onto the Fisherman's Restaurant & Bar we went - we had a great view of the water, and a seemingly endless supply of champagne bottles - we were happy ladies!

 photo GirlsDaySanClementeCollage1_zpsa0854e0f.jpg

After a delish brunch, we hoped over to our pedi appointment at Ocean View Nails - though there really was no 'view', the place was very cute and they were able to accommodate all 5 of us for spa pedicures at the same time (I had emailed them in advance).

I jazzed up some plastic wine 'glasses' with doily's and each girls name for fun and we all had a blast chit-chatting like girls do best!

 photo GirlsDaySanClementeCollage2_zps0ec9e304.jpg

 photo GirlsDaySanClementeCollage3_zpsb1ea1f35.jpg

After we went back to the beach area and hung out a bit more...before heading back to San Diego - where my sister & sis-in-law kept going strong the rest of the night...LOVE our time together, always a blast!!

 photo GirlsDaySanClementeCollage4_zpsad5566b9.jpg

 photo IMG_2658_zps60949952.jpg


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