Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sisterly Love {Happy Bday Chels!}

Soooo glad my sister moved back in time for us to celebrate her birthday! She's been following a new 'less processed' and 'paleo' road, that has evolved tremendously over the past year...I'm so proud of her for finding something that she is passionate about and is taking the steps to further her knowledge on nutrition. With that said, we typically do birthday dinners at Fidel's Mexican restaurant...however this year, I thought we should go somewhere that is more in line with her desire to eat healthier.

A friend had told me about this place down in Mission Valley, where she had an amazing casserole dish of spaghetti squash (for her first time!), so I looked it up:  True Food Kitchen 

 photo ChelsBdayTrueFoodCollage_zps491d55e7.jpg

This place was perfect!!! We loved how the dining space & kitchen area is very open...with simple, clean design & decor. Per True Food Kitchen "celebrates the simple, pure flavors of quality local and regional ingredients with a menu that tastes great while nourishing your mind, body and spirit."

The food was so great and our server was awesome...definitely going there again soon! 

 photo IMG_2653_zps11c9250c.jpg

For her gift, I decided to put together a fun gift basket with all sorts of goodies I knew she either liked or wanted or needed :-)  She absolutely loved glad I took the time to actually take note of things she's mentioned in the past and did some research on a few things.

 photo IMG_2558_zps6e8bd2a5.jpg

  1. Adorbs chicken wire style basket
  2. Bacon from Pete's Paelo  (recommended to me by Tonja at Flame to Fork!)
  3. Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee
  4. Beaming Gift Card
  5. Paleo-friendly Chocolate Cashew Brittle (from Beaming)
  6. "C" initial notebook
  7. PackIt insulated lunch bag
  8. Pair of mini spatulas from Sur La Table
  9. A mini wisk from Sur La Table
  10. Phillips TeaZe brush (my fav!) 

Happy Birthday sister!!!


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