Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Our 1st "baby"...Mika the puggle!

Here's a collaboration of pics taken during our
1st whole year having Mika in our lives...

October 19, 2007 through October 8, 2008

First Day!

1st collar - light pink:

2nd collar - baby blue:

3rd collar - light green:

*Sunny San Diego Beach Days*
Mika definitely loves to be outside...playing in the shallow water, trying to swim in the deeper water, exploring the rocks, playing with all the other dogs, digging huge holes in the sand, or just running with us as fast as she can - it all makes her one happy pup!

Snowy Mt. Laguna - Mika's an all weather kinda gal!
Her first time up in the snow was absolutely hysterical...she sniffed it for 2 seconds, then was off running like a little rabbit through the snow! I was scared that her little paws may freeze up, but they didn't...and I don't think she would've cared with all the fun she was having! I bought her a little jacket just before - it did help a bit...but I guess it was mostly for looks - and she got a lot of em, our lil cutie pie!! Can't wait til the coming winter season when we can take her again...maybe we'll get her little boots next time! hahahaha!!

The many fashions of our Mika
(aka: booger, mimi, pretty lady, mikalee, leech, badunkers, pooups,...the list just goes on & on!!)
Mika is such a little model...she really loves the camera --- or maybe I just love taking pictures of her way too much! Either way, she's the cutest little poser!!

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  1. i love mika! she is such a little photog model! look at her wow!!! Look at all of these clothes she wears....geez i am a bad mom and let harley go nakie everywhere! lol!!!


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