Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Our 1-year Anniversary - 8.22.2008


We cannot believe that a whole year has gone by already...and so fast!!

It's amazing how 2 people can be together for so long, through all of life's curve balls and still be so deeply in love. Our 10 years together is the simply the outcome of hard work, strong commitment, increased trust, enjoying the good times & battling the bad. But most of all...lostsa good ole' fashioned love love love!

Throughout it all, I believe we have truly beaten the odds of the typical "high school sweetheart" label and come out stronger than ever. Both our combined & individual inner growths have equated to the most meaningful and loving relationship that neither of us could have ever dreamed for...and are so fortunate to have it firmly in our grasp. On our wedding day we made a pact that we'd never let go...

Now with 1 year of fabulous marriage under our belt and a beautiful baby on the way to fill our home with more joy & love - I can honestly say that I'm the luckiest woman alive!
Here's a look back at our 1 year Anniversary, where we celebrated together on a ship through San Diego Harbor Excursions. We watched the sunset as the boat set out into the San Diego bay, celebrated with champagne & wine, ate delicious food/desert, danced to our 1st dance song, watched fireworks, sailed under the Coronado Bridge, and reminisced on our first year as husband & wife.

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  1. w i'm so happy you wore that h-o-t dress!! you and james are such a wonderful couple!! i am SO SO SO GLAD that we have all become as close as we have....and it's just the start!!!! love you mejia's!


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