Thursday, October 9, 2008

Discovering we were pregnant!

On Wednesday, 9/24/08 - after a crazy hectic day both in & outside of work...I decided to stop by Rite Aid to pick up a H.P.T. I had gone to the doctor on 9/9/08 and they told me my test was I naturally assumed they were right (who wouldn't?)! I just had a feeling, along with very minor symptoms of being with I decided to see for myself. After James got home that Wednesday, I told him I had bought the tests...he remembered the doc said I wasn't, but I needed to double check...I thought perhaps it was a tad too early to detect anything on the 9th.

So, I read the directions...pretty basic...and away we went. Before I could even flush the toilet...a "+" began to appear within seconds. I let it sit for a few minutes and it was clear as day....that big plus sign staring in my face. I called for James...the tone of my voice he said was "interesting"! we both starred at it and decided not to jump the gun and wait to get an official positive test from the doctor.
Later that night, Steve & Amanda stopped by...and while telling a story & went to show Amanda my camera...she thought she was looking at one thing, but once I handed it to her it was a picture completely out of left field from our conversation. She immediately dropped the camera into her lap, gasped for air and cupped her hands around her mouth...her eyes were as wide as the Grand Canyon. They asked if it was for real & I said yes, laughing the whole time...then she forced me to drink water as fast as I could so we could take the 2nd HPT just to be certain. Sure enough...same chain of events!

The next day I made an appointment to get a test at the doctor's office...after waiting an excruciating 5 minutes for the results...the doctor came in, asked me how long we'd been trying -- I said I only had gone off the pill first week of August -- and she said "Wow, that was fast...because you're definitely pregnant!" AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH....immediate tears streaming down my exciting & in shock that it really WAS this fast! Both my sister & Amanda came with me to the doctor during our lunch break...and once I broke the news in the waiting room, we were all crying & hugging - it was great! I called James at work right after to confirm that it was a YES...and he was so excited & had to tell a few people at work immediately!

Later that day, James came home with some beautiful flowers to give me now that the pregnancy was official. He's such a great hubby!! XoXo

We decided that night to drive up to Encinitas to share the news with his mom (Mary), my mom (Mona), and his Grandparents (Chuck & Esther). I had already bought frames that had the word "Grandkids" and other things engraved in the frames, but I wanted to put something cute inside as the 1st picture. So I made a little 'info' sheet that said:

to a belly near you...
Expected to arrive May 2009!

We gave these frames to both mom's and James' dad (Andy). I think it was a pretty clever way to say it, without actually saying it out was so great seeing them read it and having it process in their minds - their expressions going from slightly confused to absolutely ecstatic within seconds!! For my mom, this is her first grandchild, so her excitement was virtually through the roof...take a peak at the video clip below:


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