Saturday, October 11, 2008

The 1st Prenatal Visit

After confirming the pregnancy, I got a recommendation for a doctor through a great friend at work...who was one of the few people at work I actually told!! ;) I knew I wanted to go through Scripps, so luckily the recommendation was for Dr. Gail Soya, who works in the new Scripps Carmel Mountain Ranch building, just minutes up the street from our house! James & I met with Dr. Soya on October 6th in the was a looooong visit...but very informative. We got to learn about the doctor, she has TONS of experience...and we got to ask her TONS of questions - which was extremely helpful. Then we went into the Ultrasound room to determine the length of the baby, the approximate age of the baby and to see it's little teeny tiny heart was truly breathtaking - which quite honestly, is somewhat of an understatement when actually seeing life beginning to grow inside of you... So the doctor put us at about 7 weeks, with an EDD (Estimated Due Date) of May 25, 2009! So mark your calendars everyone!!! It's all so magical, crazy, intriguing, scary & exciting as hell, all at the same time! Below is the very first sonogram pic. It's not too visible yet, but it's the area between the two X's that marks the length of the 'embryo'. According to the growth chart on's about the size of a small blueberry (or 3/8 of an inch)!
After the appointment, we came home & I immediately started entering information into my "Belly Book" that I bought a few days before. It's like a little keepsake/journal to record the pregnancy from start to finish. It even has week by week pages to paste a photo of your profile so you can see your belly get bigger & bigger.
So, I told James that every Monday night, he'll have to take a picture of me for both my Belly Book and for my blog :) Enjoy!
Week 7 baby bump:

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  1. J & C: I am SO EXCITED & HAPPY for you both! Calista you are going to be the cutest pregnant lady ever! I wish I could be there these next 7 months to watch you bloom! I'm going to be a great aunt! Yea!!!! Love, Aunt WenDee


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