Wednesday, October 15, 2008

8 Weeks and counting!!

So, we've hit the 2-month mark & goin' strong! Our little one is now 5/8 of an inch --- about the size of a kidney been
The last week has been pretty much the same...the only "pregnancy symptoms" that I'm currently experiencing is fatigue, minor cramping here & there and numerous late night trips to the restroom!! Along with my new 6-3 shift at work, I get home & I'm usually ready for a nap...which I never used to do before. Today at work I literally felt myself get really tired within seconds & could barely keep my eyes open...and that's with a full 8 hrs of sleep the night before!! But, if that's the only early pregnancy symptom I have for the next few months, so be it. I'd take sleepiness over extreme nausea ANY day! I've been fortunate thus far to make it without any major "morning" sickness. I've had a bit of minor queasiness here & there, but nothing that stops me in my tracks & no sickness to any foods, thank god!!!
I have had a few cravings...nothing out of the ordinary, just been wanting a lot of lemonade and clementines (mini-oranges). I bought a jar of pickles the other week thinking I'd be a stereotypical pregnant woman & eating them out of the jar everyday - but not so much! I think I've had ONE in the last 2 weeks or so!! Other than that I feel great!! James & I are really looking forward to what each new day/week/month has to bring us!!


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