Friday, October 24, 2008

Losing memories isn't fun...

Hi friends & family:

You've probably noticed that I haven't blogged recently, or put up our Week 9 Baby Bump's why:

As some of you may (or may not) know, James & my computer DIED on us last weekend (took 10 years to finally run down). I took it into my IT guy here at work and after a week of trying to perform "open heart surgery" on my H drive, there's nothing he can do to save our hundreds & hundreds of pictures that we have saved on it. He did recommend I try to find a data recovery center that can pull the info off the H drive, although it's a high cost (I'm talking hundreds of dollars!!). So I'm hoping one of you may know someone that can help us. PLEASE HELP!! Our email is:, please forward our story onto anyone you may know that can help save our memories. Thanks so much... **Lesson of the YEAR for all --- BACK UP YOUR STUFF --- get an external hard drive to backup all your pics, docs, vids, etc.**


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