Friday, August 21, 2009

Just a sprinkle of Pixie Dust

Kapri is a cute, happy, fun, cooperative baby MOST of the time…and of course she is none of these things on the exact day & during the exact time that we have someone come to our home to take family pictures!! Christine with Pixie Dust Photography came over to take Kapri’s 3-month photos. For an hour we desperately tried to calm our little munchies down, to no avail. SOMEHOW…Christine managed to capture a friggin adorable smile…which would lead you to believe that she was a little angel all day – NOT! Hahaha…I love her though…so I’m not mad.

James & I were sweating like pigs (of course the fan broke on this humid day) while we were behind the camera, jumping around, making silly faces, dangling rattles & stuffed animals…it’s tough work, I don’t know how those people at photo studios do it…all. day. long.

But here are a few of our favs! Thanks Christine!! :-)


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