Friday, September 4, 2009

Heat wave = Splish-splash

I’m over summer…over it! The heat & humidity is too much for me & Kapri – we live by the coast so technically that would mean we don’t need A/C, right? NO! It’s been in the 90’s in Encinitas, which is pretty unusual…and miserable. We have fans in every room in the house, but it doesn’t help much when it’s just blowin’ around HOT air! So, needless to say, I’m really looking forward to fall/winter.

Gammy Mona bought a little baby pool for Kapri (because of this heat), so we HAD to get her in that itty bitty bathing suit & into the water. She did okay…think she was mainly a little confused! No tears at least…but the water was cooler than she’s used to during bathtime (which she LOVES)…so we only dipped her in for a bit.
The next day, we headed over to Auntie Manda’s Aunt’s house out in Poway to get cooled off in the pool. Kapri again was confused, this time by a much bigger body of water, but it was adorable! She only lasted about 15 min., plus I didn’t want her in the sun too long…nor did I want to risk her ‘exploding’ in her non-water diaper!! I can’t wait til next year when she can swim around with little floaties on her arms & play with toys in the pool!!


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