Sunday, October 25, 2009

Babylegs for Kapri’s legs

After finding out that Kapri would be in her harness most of the time, we were told by both the orthopedic assistant & Kapri’s pediatrician, that Babylegs are great things to have underneath the harness, paired with a little long-sleeved onesie…especially for the cooler weather. I also heard that Target has a cheaper, imitation kind…although it appeared they were all sold out when I went to buy some this weekend.

So I ended up finding some at a store in Encinitas called La Costa Kids…and they are freakin AWESOME!! So cute…so stylish…and so worth the $$. They keep her warm & make diaper changes so much easier than having to take off her pants all the way. The inventor of these is a genius…thank you Nicole Donnelly!!!

I also found some on eBay that are cheaper too…so I may go that route next time! They’re also sold on their direct website…but not sure if I want to pay $50 for 4 pairs…we’ll see. Regardless…I highly recommend them!!


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