Friday, October 23, 2009

“I’m a big kid now!”

This weekend we finally broke out Kapri’s ‘big girl’ chair…the adorable (matching) highchair that Aunt Manda & Uncle “Feve” bought for her. We knew it was about time to make the change, because she’s getting so big & I’m scared she may soon ‘launch’ herself out of the Bumbo seat that we have on the kitchen counter!! She does this thing when she’s ready to get out of it, where she flings her head backwards and arches her back…all while stretching out her legs as far as possible. YIKES!

But she did really well in it & it’s nice to have her in the action while we’re cooking. I’m also looking forward to starting some other ‘solids’ in the coming weeks…stay tuned to this messy adventure as we enter the Land-O-Veggies!


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