Thursday, October 1, 2009

Trix Are For Kids!

Okay…so not exactly “Trix”, but more like Gerber Rice Cereal, haha…The time has come for us to start giving Kapri tiny amounts of cereal once a day…it’s undeniably strange for her and the process takes a LOT of patience! It’s funny because we almost expect that eating from a spoon would be an easy task to learn, or that it’s just built into our humanly-instincts…but it’s definitely not, haha! Sucking from a bottle or breast is much different than moving thicker food (like the rice cereal) from the front to the back of her mouth with her tongue. She still pushes it forward & out her mouth (thank goodness for bibs!!).

Our first attempt at this was a few weeks ago…I’ll have the video uploaded later. The second try was much better, see pics below! Baby steps…one day at a time!


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