Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Crafty Calista...

Some random creative bug got inside me yesterday while I was at work...not sure why or where it came from. On my lunch break I headed over to Michael's & Walmart to seek out big beautiful flowers (fake) and other things to craft up some cute headbands for Kapri. I watched a few online tutorials & read a few how-to's and was super anxious to get home & get this energy out before it was gone!

I spent about $25 and made 8 headbands last night & still have supplies for a few was like a lil sweatshop in my kitchen/dinning room! I have to say I'm pretty proud of myself...didn't think they'd turn out quite as good as they did.

Sorry...had to take & post all these pics!!

I also painted a piece of craft wood & hot glued a few pieces of ribbon to it for a 'hanger' for all Kapri's hair clips & bows. I desperately needed a place to put them...and now it's even cuter because they're all on display! I still have to paint something over the pink wood, maybe like a saying or something..."Pretty Things" IDK...we'll see. I also have to figure out how to hang it...there's nothing on the back, so I'll have to construct something.

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  1. holy heck calista, these are ridic! i love them girlie......omg the blue one with the light blue flower is my fav and the contraption to actually hold the bows is to die should sell it! ahhhhhhhhhh!


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